% zxasdfasfaewfhrasda
zxasdfasfaewfhrasda: Command not found.

Apparently my shell is zxasdfasfaewfhrasda.

@jef might change it, in my mind anyone who doesn't know which shell they're using is probably using bash or zsh

@b0rk I guess the way I've always done it is: grep $USER /etc/passwd

@b0rk Oh and my shell sets $SHELL so I could just look at that - but I'm not sure how standard that is.

@jef it turns out that on my machine `grep $USER /etc/passwd` also doesn't work! (my user isn't in /etc/passwd)


@b0rk @jef Ha Ha. Not only does 'grep /etc/password' show me, but it also shows other entries which contain my name embedded in some strings.

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