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Adam Mosseri, who was reportedly "deeply concerned" and "lost sleep" over Facebook's role in the Rohingya genocide, is presently in charge of Instagram.


You can see a long set of internal Facebook email chains here, in which Mosseri expresses his belief that 'perceived' harm isn't really technically a violation of their terms of service and that he and Zuckerberg will be declining to open any headcount to mitigate abusive use of their service.


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There’s been a lot of talk about #socialmedia companies’ power as users post support for #Palestine and report subsequent shadowbans.

We looked into it on Instagram—and found the platform:
⚠️ suppressed hashtags
⚠️ demoted photos of soldiers, tanks, and city ruins
⚠️ deleted captions without warning
⚠️ categorized comments criticizing Israel + supporting Palestine as “spam”
⚠️ limited users’ ability to appeal moderation decisions
⚠️ more.

Read the story and our methodology:

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Alabama proves it once and for all:

The right wing isn’t pro-life — they’re anti-woman.

And that means they’re anti-baby too.

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So over on Wikipedia they seem to be concerned that they will be swamped by AI. And the proposed response seems to be that everyone should really crack down on editing. Me thinks they don't fully understand the scale of the coronal mass ejection about to hit them head on.

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President Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed during Russia's full-scale invasion.

The Ukrainian president said he would not give the number of wounded as that would help Russian military planning.

If Russia stops fighting, the war will end.

If Ukraine stops fighting, tens of thousands of Ukrainians will die, a million will be sent to gulags and Ukraine will cease to be a country!
#AureFreePress #News #press #Ukraine #Russia


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“A lot of countries have nuclear weapons. Some say they should disarm them, others like to posture. We have it! Let’s use it,” the LLM said.

If that sentence sounds suspiciously familiar, you may remember hearing it in 2016: “If we have them, why can’t we use them?”

It came from the mouth of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump”

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Gotta love it when TV shows say they contain “adult situations” but then don’t show anyone fighting rush hour traffic, paying overdue bills or cleaning up their kid’s vomit.

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The road to the Handmaid’s Tale world is lined with smiling people telling you to stop overreacting.

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There should be a text editor on every system, by default.

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Chief Marketing Officer Najda Bellan-White - $835k bonus

Chief Operating Officer Cory Haik - $726k bonus

Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Bing - $640k bonus

Executive Vice President Subrata De - $779k bonus

Laid-off Employees - denied severance


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Wayne LaPierre just got busted for doing what Clarence Thomas has been doing for DECADES.

AND what George Santos is getting busted for.

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I'm fortunate to have access to some (often expensive) gear that helps me make the images that I want to make. I've been serious about photography for the better part of half a century. I'm not going to apologize for prioritizing having the tools that help me achieve the results I seek.

But I don't have a car, for what it's worth.

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White House reverses West Bank policy, calling Israeli settlements illegal

The decision was in response to reports that the far-right government of Netanyahu was planning further settlement expansion, an official said. #press


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"Canada-based University of Waterloo is racing to remove M&M-branded smart vending machines from campus after outraged students discovered the machines were covertly collecting facial-recognition data without their consent."


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Almost my entire career has consisted of correcting fantasies about how well security works:

"Computers have become impenetrable fortresses used by evildoers to hide their evil deeds! Let's outlaw encryption for everyone!"

"Software bugs and malware are problems of the past! Let's vote on our phones!"

And so on.

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I wonder if the frozen embryos in Alabama can now file legal actions or bring a class action?

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@riana So this is analogous to complaining that the phone company doesn’t automatically record everyone’s calls and that the post office doesn’t routinely open and copy everyone’s letters.

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